Curtain Upgrade!

Our downstairs curtains needed a little something. Don't get me wrong, they are great curtains, but they were a little plain. And as I've mentioned before, we want our basement to be a bright & fun area.

So, with that in mind we headed to S.R. Harris to go fabric shopping.  We found lots of great fabrics, but this one was the winner!

The first step was to cut the fabric to the desired size. The next step was laying it out on the curtains to determine which looked best. Here were our options.

After much deliberation, I decided on option #1. 

Then the sewing started! 
Meg is the one that actually knows her way around a sewing machine, so she got to work.

And then I gave it a go!

And then I managed to somehow injure myself. :(

All the hard work (and pain) was worth it though. Because the curtains turned out great. I wouldn't mind them a little brighter, but I think they still work.

These pictures are absolutely terrible and totally don't do the curtains justice.

I like em'!