For Sale on Craigslist

I wonder what some people are thinking when they post pictures of their items on Craigslist for sale.  Do they even take the time to take a new picture - usually not.  Do they rotate the picture so it is correct, again, no.  And they wonder why it wont sell...

Since starting reFind, I seem to search Craigslist more than the average person, and have come across some very interesting pictures.

 Seriously, I can see putting a dog in the picture because it is cute, but a gorilla? Because that makes me want to buy it.  

 Really- at least get out of the bed, and make it... we don't want to see you in the bed.  Yes, it is only the headboard for sale, but gross.

Oh - now I get it - they are taking turns.  But they are different sheets - so they took a picture another day, yet still thought it would be a good idea to stay in bed, and not change the sheets.  (And I promise you I was looking at furniture for sale, not the personal section - again gross)

 Okay, so this person actually cleaned the dresser, and it appears took the time to take a nice picture, so why have you wife in the background.  (Okay, we admit, we are known to have pictures of ourselves in the mirrors of our dressers, but we wouldn't post them on Craigslist)

 And I just think that this one is funny- I am sure that the parent was trying really hard to get a good picture, and the little boy was not having it.  He even has that look on his face...

Have you seen any good {and by good I mean the 'what were they thinking} posts on craigslist? If so, we would love to see them!

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karen @ our slo house said...

Okay, the people in the bed picture(s) is REALLY gross. I mean, seriously?

I love to get rid of things on Craigslist, either free or selling. I'm just happy when someone else can use an item...(less in the landfill!)