I did it - I have officially listed items for purchase on my Etsy shop!


I named it 99twelve.  This is my street address. Since I love my home and filling it with beautiful things, I felt that the name was fitting. Hopefully people like what they see and I can help fill their (or your) homes with beautiful and unique things.

Now I just have to wait and see if anything sells.  I actually have about 3 more items (non flower pillows) that I am going to list, but want to get my feet wet just a little.  I am also going to be listing a 'custom' pillow listing, with all the possible colors, for those of you that said you were interested.

I also have a new jigsaw that will be going to good use for pretty signs and monograms once it is warm enough (we have a no saw dust rule in the house - we learned the hard way).

I also want to make a promise to you, I am not going to stop decorating my house, doing large projects, and re-doing furniture - as I still love that, but this is another new found passion, so I am just adding to my list.

Hope that you enjoy, and feel free to leave feedback!


Kim @The Little Things said...

Congrats, Meg!

Annie P said...

Everything looks lovely. I can't wait to make a purchase. Congrats, Meg!