Dump Date!

Our in-laws arrived in Minneapolis late Friday evening and the office and guest bedroom were total dumps up until Friday afternoon....okay early Friday evening. Ahh!

After my surprise switcheroo last month,  I realized that I was having second thoughts. So, we decided to switch back :)

But, in the process of switching we are going to purge. For some reason, both the office and the guest bedroom have become these areas were we stock pile crap. To attack the piles with purpose I have created four "piles". Throw, Sell, Donate, Keep.

Donate was dropped off Friday morning, so here are pics of the remaining heaps.



Recognize those drawers? 
They are from this dresser...it's still available, if you want it!


These photos are mortifying. 
I am sorry you are being subjected to this.

On Friday evening Jeff and I headed to the Minneapolis Dump to get rid of some of our undesirable items. We called it our Dump Date....only the finest for us on Valentines weekend :)

As residents of Minneapolis, we are allowed 6 dump dates a year. Up until this point, we haven't had to use it (which I am proud of), but with company arriving in a couple of hours, we needed to get things cleared out, fast.  We survived the date, and our house is more empty because of it!

What about you guys? How do you get rid of stuff? Craigslist, Pawn it off on friends, rePurpose?

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Megan said...

I like how you decided to keep Max's chew toy (pheasant) - that was really nice of you :)