Desk Inspiration

After my desk reFind debacle (here) I am on the lookout for another desk to reFind...successfully this time. It would be great to say that all my projects just "come-to-me-naturally" but I usually have to do some research and find inspiration.

Here are the desks I am currently obsessing over . My eyes are open on craigslist (using CraigsEasy) for something that I can reFind and turn into something great. Until then....I will dream of these desks.

Desk 51 from BluDot

Pratt Desk from West Elm

Pratt Desk

Go-Cart Desk from CB2

Aluminum and Marble Saw Horse Desk from Mantiques Modern

Compass Desk by Jean Prouve (buy one here for 16, 000! Ah!)

Mannings Desk by Williams-Sonoma

Basis Desk at Room & Board

Penn Leg Desk from Room & Board

I think all these Craigslist finds have some great potential. What do you guys think??


Autum said...

They all have great potential. I'd love to see that first one painted a funky color on bottom and the top stained. Or is the top metal too? If so it would look great cleaned up and left unpainted and industrial with a great color on the bottom.
The third one is unusual. I've never seen one like that.

Anonymous said...