Color Confusion

This is a painting blunder, that has been in our house for years. I have been meaning to re-paint it for forever, but it always seems that I find something else to tackle first.

How did this come to be, you ask? Well, when we got rid of our land line, I decided the phone hook-up on the above wall was unnecessary, so I removed it.......and found some lovely strawberry wallpaper underneath. Kinda like this.

Image via here

No problem though! Right? I'll just run downstairs and use the paint left behind by the old owner. Well, when the paint finally dried I realized it was the wrong color. Don't worry I'll just grab the OTHER green color in the basement. Well....that one was wrong too. Awesome!

So, I'm left with a mis-matched wall that is in desperate need of paint. I am feeling like I want to either paint only this wall, or repaint the whole kitchen.

Our appliances are white. Here are the cabinets:

The floors are wood and are a similar color to the cabinets.

And here are the Silestone counters:

What should I do? Help!

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