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An out of state client recently contacted us to see if we could assist with a bedroom make-over. After some serious negotiations I was leavin on a jet plane to Kansas City.....
Okay....here is the truth. There was no negotiating, and the out-of-state client was my sister. BUT...that doesn’t mean that I wasn't totally excited to tackle this project. Plus, with an airport greeting like this....who wouldn’t be excited! 
Makes me feel so official!
Because we did a million and one projects in one short weekend I am going to split this reFind into parts. 
Here is Part One - Inspiration!
I haven’t always been good at this, but my intention has always been to surround myself with things that I love. Not just like, or tolerate or even like a lot, but LOVE. Point being that if you build a room around items that you love, it is likely that you will love the end result. My sister purchased this duvet from West Elm a little while back and fell in love. This was the jumping off point. 

Vintage Bird Duvet, Full/Queen, Ivory
Photo via West Elm
With the duvet being a neutral black and cream, we knew we would want to infuse the room with a punch of color. This is where we brought in the personal touch. Jess (my sister) decided that she wanted to incorporate my Grandmother’s pottery into the room. 

This zingy, yet soothing teal would give the room the punch of personality it needed. Plus it brought in a personal element into the room. Another loved item. With these two things serving as our foundation, we were ready to build. Items on the to-do list included:
  • Room Layout
  • DIY Headboard
  • Wall Decor
  • Lamp Shades
  • Accessories
Stay tuned for more posts about this reFind remodel!

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