Gallery Wall Part II

Annie posted some really cool gallery walls, and I wanted to share about the 2 that I have in my house.

This first one is in my hallway upstairs.  The sign was a wedding present, it has our names and the date of our wedding.  I thought what better way to hang this than with wedding pictures of other members of our family. I bought cheap frames to antique them - to match the metal sign.

I still have many more photos to get - and yes, there is a frame (top, far right) that has the image that came in the frame. And yes, I got married almost 2 years ago, and yes, that empty frame has been hanging since then. Slacker!

The next one is in my kitchen.  It is on the wall that you see when you walk into the house.  So far, I have black and white frames. This is not totally on purpose, I have been assembling slowly whenever I get a new picture we want to hang. I want this to continue to grow - and potentially include things other than just pictures...

2 tips that I have learned from this second gallery wall:
     (1) While IKEA frames are cheap, they are not always completely square/rectangle.  This makes it really hard to hang the pictures evenly - so if you can avoid using those frames - I would.
     (2) Since this is in a high traffic area, these frames get bumped. I put masking tape on the bottoms and sides of the frames to keep them in place.  This way, you don't have to try to straighten them every day!

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