Bookshelves 101

I love books....the smell of them, the texture of the paper, and the feeling of accomplishment once you have completed one. I also love the look of books. 
I have contemplated switching up how our books are currently organized on our book shelf downstairs. Here is what our book shelf looks like now.

Here is another bookshelf that we have, where I went with a subtle color coordinated look.

And here are my “books-in-waiting”. I am hoping to get through all these in the next year or two.

So, I decided to go out and about on the internet to try and find some inspiration. Here is what I found!

Some true color coordination!

I would love one of these, ladder and all.

Via Here

I like this one....taking a different angle.

Whoa!....that's a giant bookshelf!

Image via Book Shelves of Doom. More info on the bookshelf itself here.

Here is a different idea. Why not ditch the bookshelf and use your books as tables.

Image and Idea via Real Simple

Or, we could donate all our books, and just get book wallpaper :)

So what do you guys do with your beloved books? Do you organize them in random stacks? On bookshelves? Under the bed? Or do you skip the book buying and make good use of your local library?

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