Yes - that was supposed to be a question mark - because it seems like we have not reFind anything recently... but I promise I am working on it.  I will have 2 pieces to show you next week.

Oh, and in case you dont believe me - here are some pictures of my garage.

I am working on the above for my mom and dad.  It will be done soon and be making its way up north to our cabin. 

My new painting 'room' that Nate built me.  If you look really closely, you can see Nate in there, putting the finishing touches on a piece of furniture.  Yes- my husband rocks - he loves to hang out and work in the garage with me :)

Nate gets more high tech with his furniture re-dos than I do....

I dont even want to know how many pieces of furniture there are waiting for me in there.... more than I have had time for lately (I have been traveling for work and weddings), but am excited to keep hacking away at the projects.

Am I the only one like this?? Please tell me that someone out there reading this blog has a ton of projects lined up... and is still looking for more?

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