Pillows... and a painted futon

I made two new pillows for a friend of my mom's.  I brought them up to our cabin over the 4th to give them to her.  Before I handed them off, I snapped so pictures:

 See the nice white futon?? Well at the beginning of the summer, it was a light wood tone, that had quite a bit of water damage. One weekend while I was up there, it was rainy- so I got to painting. I forgot to snap any before pictures....

Then, when I was out shopping, I saw these:  My same pillows... only round.  What do you think?  I kind of like them - but do people prefer square pillows.  If I made some of these for my Etsy shop - do you think they would sell?  

Oh - and do you see the square one on the bottom left - it kind of looks like a poinsettia - just got some ideas for Christmas :) 

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