Chunky Frames

I have been on the look out for some chunky, ornate, cheap picture frames for a LONG time... and I never had any luck until now!  I found not one, but 2 picture frames that fit this description.  The first is a small frame I found at HomeGoods for $6.

This AWESOME frame and the (not so) lovely art were only $9 and a place called 'The Cheapo Depot'. I kid you  not - that was the name of the store.  It is in Wisconsin (somewhere) and we stopped there to buy fireworks.  While the hubs was spending hours picking out the perfect type of exploision, I cruised the ailes of the Cheapo Depot and nearly jumped up and down when I found the frame.

Next I took a can of spray primer to them...

The little frame got a coat of high gloss black, and a heart cut out of a map of Colorado.  We took a family vacation there, and I have a bunch of those pictures framed, so this will look great hanging next to them.

Oh - and does the above look familiar? Yep - I finally made some art that I found from Pinterest!!!

The other frame stayed white, and the nice flower vase is no longer.... check back next week to see the final output!

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Anonymous said...

Yippee!!! The black frames are what I am planning on doing for my wedding and yours turned out great!!! I even have that exact frame from Home Goods and similar frames. Thanks for posting! Susan