I have always wanted a hammock.... and I finally caved on got one.  Mine is bring shipped to me as we speak (or as I write this), so until I can enjoy it, I am enjoying these pictures:

all via my Pinterest

Don't worry - even though I will spend plenty of time laying in the shade on my hammock, I will still be plenty busy on projects!

Do any of you have hammocks? Do you enjoy them as much as I am hoping to?


noahsarkia said...

We had one at our old house and we loved it! Now that we live in a new neighborhood we don't have the trees for it and haven't invested in a stand. I don't think it will be the same if it isn't hanging from trees.

Kim McMartin said...

Yes! Love, love, love hammocks. It's my favorite gift from Mitch. It's set up to get a great view of the Mpls skyline too!