Pretty Laundry

I have always wanted that light, fresh and airy laundry room. One that is totally organized, that almost invites you to do your laundry.....like one of these.

Image here

Via Keeping the Kingdom First - here

Image via Cottage Living - here

Image via the Container Store - here

Making it Lovely's Laundry Room

Found on Desire to Inspire - Image via Saucy Dragonfly

Found on Desire to Inspire - Image via Junk Garden

Alas, I am stuck with these tiles (the green, yellow and off white things in the bottom of the picture), so my hope for having that "perfect" laundry nook, is more or less a dream.

However, I think that some small improvements to things, other than the floor, can make our storage area/laundry room, much better. I think a nice new washer & dryer set would do the trick...No? In fact, I find some of the new washer & dryer sets out there, downright pretty. See what I am talking about!?

LG Steam Washer & Dryer - Image here

Electrolux Front Load Washer & Dryer - Image here

GE Profile Top Load Washer & Dryer - Image here

I would love some advise from readers on washers and dryers. 
Any that you love? 
Any that you hate? 
We are considering/talking about a new set. But aren't sure we want to take the plunge.


Lauren @ Our Big Fat Farm Wedding said...

I just got done telling someone yesterday that I would adore a new washer and dryer set as a gift. It struck the person as an odd gift. But I think it would be quite nice. I do have experience with front loading washers. Many of the families I nanny for have them, and they are always really musty and get mildew build up. You usually need to keep the door open in between loads of laundry to avoid a bad odor whenever you open the door. I know they have a cleaning product that helps reduce this issue, but I prefer the top loading energy saver washers just because I don't like the idea of having to wash my washer.

noahsarkia said...

We have the Whirlpool Duet front loaders and bought them almost 3 years ago. You do have to keep the washer door open or wipe it dry, but there is a "clean" cycle that you use bleach with and it does the trick. They hold so much more than our old set, so I am very happy with them. The spin cycle on the washer gets the clothes really rung out and then it doesn't take them too long to dry. Did you see John & Sherry's post on YHL about the deal they scored?