Gallery Wall of Doors

My parents spend a week last fall biking around Italy, drinking wine, making olive oil and taking pictures.  And when I say taking pictures, I mean it - there were nearly 900 pictures of doors.  My mom had this vision of a gallery wall of doors.  The other week, I went over there to help her hang them. 

We started by measuring all the frames and then hang newspaper in the size of the frames.

From there - hanging the pictures were easy - just needed to measure the nail location and hammer away.

I think that it turned out great!


Ashley {A Cat in Gloves} said...

It looks awesome! Where did you get the frames/mattes?

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

wow this looks really good, i want to do something similar in our bedroom but im kinda intimated at the thought of hanging up and spacing out that many frames :) xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

Megan @ reFind said...

Ashley- The frames are a mixture of Target and Ikea. They came with the matts.
Jillian- Dont worry - there are many holes behind the frames where we didn't measure right, or something looked better moved in slightly.... you can do it!