Ceiling Debacle: Part Two - Success!

Last time I posted, we were left with this....

The framework for the ceiling tiles that we pulled down. We had anticipated having a wonderful day of yard work on Sunday, but due to weather, it just wasn't in the cards. So, we tackled another indoor project. Jeff tore down all of the framework, with a hammer and crow-bar and carried out to the garage.

Here is the wonderful pile!

From there we took each and every board and removed the nails. We were sure to get each and every one of them. As Jeff said during the project, a lost nail will eventually be found.....in your tires. :)

Here is our nail pile!

After we had removed all the nails, we cut each board down into manageable size (using our circular saw) and stowed them away....in old beer boxes (classy!). 

Here is Jeff modeling the circular saw.

We did some inspection and from what we can see the wood is untreated, so if we need some kindling in the future for an outdoor bonfire, we should be able to use this boards as starter logs.

So, with all that work done, we are left with a naked ceiling in the storage area. I kinda like the bare wood, but we have also considered painting it a nice fresh white. What do you guys think? Paint it or leave it alone?

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Nate said...

Looks like you could have used a few of these...