The Back Yard

In 2010 Nate and I did a little bit of heavy lifting on the back yard.  We have a big patio and back yard, but we had these HUGE bushes the took up way too much space.

With a little bit of sweat and muscle, we were left with this:

Yeah, thats right, the bushes (all 4 of them) were planted right into the concrete. Seriously??!!
So then we tried to burn them... didn't work.  Tried an axe.... didn't work.  Right before we were about to head to the local Homies to rent a jackhammer, we tried a little bit more sweat and muscle...and ended up like this:

okay - that is what Nate ended up to look like - our patio looked like this:

(Please ignore the wrinkly outdoor rug)

You can see that we had to fill the bush holes with cement, but it blended in quite nicely.

So - it was a TON of work, the results are soooooo worth it.

Now, cant wait for this summer to enjoy it :)

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