Best 'Before' Picture Ever

A few weeks ago my husband and I had this series of phone conversations:

Convo #1: (On that phone - since I am in San Francisco)
Nate: I think that I am going to start painting the cabinets
Me: Wow - that would be awesome - do you know what to do
Nate: Yep - have everything that I need
Me: Well I have the camera, so be sure to take a ton of before pictures on your phone.
Nate: Okay
Me: Make sure you get some good ones.

Convo #2: (I am still in SF)
Nate: I have the first coat done - it is looking really good.
Me: I am so excited to see it.  Did you be sure to take a lot of before pictures
Nate: Yep, and I am taking pictures along the way

Convo #3: (I am back home now)
Me: Wow - the cabinets look so awesome! I am so excited for the complete final product.
Nate: Yeah, it will look completely different with the new counter tops and backsplash
Me: Yeah, looking at the before pictures compared to the after pictures will be like looking at a different room.

Convo #4:
Me: Can you show me the before pictures on your phone?
Nate: Yeah - this is the best one
Me: Are you serious????

This is the before picture that my lovely husband took:

I wish I was kidding.  This is the only real before shot of the kitchen.

Check back later today for more of Nate's before and during pictures of our Kitchen reno


Gina@New England Home and Garden said...

Hilarious! That would be my husband too!!! Can't wait to see the finished product.

Ashley {A Cat in Gloves} said...

BBBAAAHAHAHA. That is hilarious! The combo is a little odd though...coors and jameson?
A Cat in Gloves

Lauren said...

I can totally see my guy doing this too. Too funny!