And So it begins....

The nursery design is underway! I have been getting a lot of pointers from this book about what is needed and what can be skipped. Like everything else in our house we want to DIY as much as we can and strike a deal on as much as we can. However, we don't want to compromise safety! Since keeping BP (baby Peterson) safe is our top priority.

With that said, I have been on a craigslist hunt for a long and low dresser that can serve as clothing storage (duh) and double as a changing table. I didn't have to search long because my bestie Meg stopped my search in it's tracks. She had the perfect mid century, long and low dresser sitting in her garage...and she was willing to give it up for only 12 buckaroos! What! Did I mention that we want to save money? This was an amazing deal that I couldn't pass up.

Here is the dresser in all it's mid century glory!

Given the condition (which is pretty dang good) and type of wood that this dresser is made from, I am thinking we are going to attack it with a nice bright white coat of paint (low voc of course!).

After picks will follow as soon as it's warm enough/stops raining long enough for me to get outside and tackle this project.

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