Since my Etsy store is really taking off, and by taking off I mean I have had 11 sales {which is about 11 more then I thought I would get...}, I need somewhere to store all my fabric and Pillows.

I think that I got the fabric taken care of - and really the before just looked like Joann's threw up in my craft/sewing room, so you get the picture.  But here is the after:

It is just your standard Expedit book shelf.  I removed {okay maybe it broke a while ago} on shelf so I could store my taller fabric bolts in.  The cardboard is literally from Joann's.  I was in there at the cutting counter {where they all must know my name by now} and they were piling all of the old cardboard pieces into a container, and I asked what they did with it.  They said they just send compress it and send it to the recycling center and I could have some if I wanted.  I wanted.

I then cut smaller pieces of cardboard for the smaller fabric.  The scrap fabric fits into the pink baskets.  It is still a work in progress for the essential, not none cute things {ie the ironing board and my glue gun}, but I will figure that out.

Where I need your help is on pillow storage.  I have all these pillows that are needing storage.

While they look pretty on my pretty rug, they get in the way there...  Currently I have them on a shelf.  It seems to work great to roll them up, so I was considering some sort of PVC pipe storage like below:

But I am not sold on it. I was also thinking a wine rack would be cool...yeah?
via here

So, you can see... I need help! How would you store your stuff? Any good organization tips for me?

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