San Fransisco

As I mentioned on Friday, Annie and I were in San Fransisco visiting our best friend Ali.  Ali moved out there in October.  While we were really sad to see her go, it gives us a great vacation location :)  Below are some of the pictures of while we were in San Fransisco.

 Alie and Annie were crabby while we were waiting for our yummy lunch at the Boudin Bakery
 (sorry pun needed)
 Annie and I on the Bay.  Note: This was the morning of the terrible earthquake and tsunami in Japan. While there was warnings in the bay area, this was after waves had hit. Luckily there was no damage to San Fran.

 Had to hit up the yummy Ghirardelli factory! Isn't the sign cool?

 Ali and I on the Cable car.  Next time we rode it we were able to get on the outside of the car - that was an adventure. 
 These next pictures are in Muir woods.  The man who these woods are named after is the reason that we have national parks. 

 Annie being silly...

 Ali and I - you can't really see us, but look at how pretty it is....

Me, showing how large the trees are... You could have lived in that tree!

Ali - thanks for hosting - we had a blast!

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