Goodbye Accordion Doors!

What are these? We have lived with these eye-sores for the three years we have owned our home.

I have had several plans for their removal, but never took action. Last fall I finally decided on what I wanted to do, sliding "barn doors" on a modern industrial track. My husband wasn't convinced though, and I couldn't find any good pictures online to communicate just how great it would look....until now!

While reading House*Tweaking, I was elated to see beautiful pictures, as well as step by step instructions for how to create these doors.


Image via House*Tweaking

My in-laws were sent home from her most recent to Minneapolis with homework. Find me some wood from a barn (they are from Iowa City, IA - so barns aren't too far away from town - plus my mother-in-law grew up on a farm). Cross your fingers that they find some wood for me to get going on this project right away this spring. Yeah!!

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spelinka said...

Annie & Meg,

Go to Bauer Bros salvage in Mpls to find what you're looking for! Also, yesterday - Travis and I went to the ReUse center in Maplewood...they actually have a YELLOW sliding door (as you speak of...however, not a barn door) It is a bit too big for your purposes, but thought you might like!

Sarah Pelinka:)