Chesterfield Sofa

I am still in love with the Chesterfield sofa. And it seems like the more I want one, the more I see them in design, and the more expensive they get!  After searching long and hard online, I have come to realize that they are well above my price range, and not only that, but the one that I love the most happens to be from Restoration Hardware, which equals more than all my home furniture put together. 

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Knowing that the chesterfield sofa is not in the cards for me, I am clearing out my pictures of this sofa in design.  A sad day, but rather than just throwing them out, I wanted to share them with you! I am sorry - these were just for me, so I did not save any links and cannot give credit...

I hope that you enjoy...

If any readers out there have a chesterfield sofa, please share the pictures, then I can live through you!

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