Transformation that will rock (and swivel) your world - For Sale

Last April, while garage saleing our friend Ali found this amazing {read could be amazing} rocking chair:

The chair was in great shape, rocked and swiveled really well so she bought it - for $3! Then, shortly after, she learned she would be moving to California - and the chair took a back seat to house selling.  Then came the time for the move, and the chair still sat, the ugly duckling, yet to be made into a swan.  Rather then move the chair, she gave it to us, to see if we could work our magic!

Fast forward a few months that the chair was sitting in my craft room waiting to be finished... and finally I could wait no longer.  I stripped her down to the bare bones and got painting:

Again, the before:

And after:

The chair got covered in gray suede, and white piping was added for a little extra touch.  And yes - I made the piping, that is what I think I am most proud of :)

Oh - and that pillow? Just a little something that I threw together with my favorite sweater.  Why ruin a sweater just to make a pillow - well, cat claws got to the sweater, more damage than could be repaired.  So I made it into something pretty!

What do you think?

It can be yours for $85.  Yes - I know that it low, and could be worth much more than that - but it is my first real attempt at recovering a full chair - so it is not perfect.  But it is comfortable, it rocks and swivels. {Pillow not included - sorry}


Gina said...

LOVE the end result! Gray is my new love this year! :)

Kim McMartin said...

Oooh. So cute. Would love to buy it...if only Mitch and I had more space. Maybe I can convince him it can squeeze in somewhere. I'll ask...