Recycling #1

Remember one of my goals for this year? To reuse 11 things in my house, turning them into something that I will use and love...
Well a few days ago I got around to doing that.  I had a sweater, that I really liked, but was too small for me (read too short - and there was a chance of some crack showing if I sat down).

Well, another problem area was the boring pillows on my couch:

So, I cut the sweater into squares, sewed it to some plain cream fabric that I had laying around, inserted the old plain cream pillows and boom - instant textured pillows. 

Now - remember how I said that the sweater was too small for me? Well it is kinda too small for the pillows too... if you look closely, they are kind of like stuffed sausages. I am not going to show you the back of the pillows, since that is like a muffin top.  But you get the idea. Beside, from the front, no one is the wiser.

One more time - Plain before:

And the pretty after:

 Okay, so the really cool shag pillow that my rents got me for Christmas makes a huge statement too, but I think that the sweater pillows help out too!

What do you think?  1 down - 10 more to go!


Megan said...

Megan! I saw your comment yesterday, but my post was already done and scheduled to post! I guess great MEGANS think alike! :)

Megan said...

just wanted to clarify what I meant, I was trying to say that I would have included yours in my post! :)