Wax Paper is King!

In my post about gallery walls earlier this month, I referenced a method for hanging a gallery wall using wax paper. During my KC Master Bedroom remodel, I put this method to the test.

We started by laying out our frames/mirrors/artwork/etc. on the floor exactly as we wanted them. Once they were in place, we flipped them all over, and laid wax paper over top. From there we outlined each hanging mechanism (hooks, loops, bracket, etc).

We then took the wax paper and hung it in place on the wall. From there we were able to hammer nails into the exact right spot, using the markings we had made.

You can kind of see the sharpie marks on the wax paper. 

This wall went from looking like this....

To this! In no time!

Let's get a closer look!

It's a bit hard to tell, but this gallery wall features photos (both vintage and new), artwork, pottery & a mirror. I think the more kinds of stuff you have...the better!

The wax paper method worked SO well. I highly recommend it!

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Michelle said...

That is such a great idea :)
So glad I found your blog!