Stillwater, Minnesota

If you live in the twin cities area, and you have never been to Stillwater - shame on you! Stillwater is a quick 30-45 minutes drive from Minneapolis, and so worth it.  It is a cute little town on the Mississippi River with TONS of great antique stores.

A few weeks ago Nate and I went Christmas shopping in Stillwater -  and since we know that not everyone on our list would want antiques, there are also so other really great stores on the main street as well. One of my favorite stores is Stillwater Olive Oil Company - taste all the olive oil that you want - I bet you do not leave empty handed. Check them out here.

While we were there I just had to go into some - okay almost all- of the antique shops. On of my favorite shops has great pieces as far as the eye can see!

Some pieces are a little more modern.

And this one is for our friend Ali:

Unfortunately, we did not leave with any antiques that day, but it was still fun to look.  Have any of you local peeps been to Stillwater? Picked up anything good?

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