We were lucky that all the hard work was complete in our basement before we moved in! The drywall was up, the carpet was laid and the walls were painted. We just had to carry-in our stuff.

The hard part came with decorating. You see….when you have a “statement piece” that you have to work around, it can make design difficult, especially if that “statement piece” is a pleather sectional.  Yes…a black pleather (plastic/leather) sectional.
This couch has traveled all the way from Iowa City (our home town) to our college apartment, to our post college apartment and into our first home. Jeff loves this couch. I mean loves this couch. I on the other hand…cannot stand the couch. While I appreciate that it was free and has been good to us over the years, I was feeling like it was time to upgrade. So, for my birthday this year, Jeff begrudgingly agreed to start looking for a new couch. Well, it didn’t take me long to find a replacement and place the order, which meant that Jeff had to attempt to get rid of his much loved sofa. It wasn’t on Craigslist for more than 30 minutes before it was scooped up (I was in shock!). 

Tragically, I have no photos of this much beloved couch, but so you can get a good idea of what I was dealing with in the pic below.

image 2060653570-1

Just picture this couch, with white paint stains all over.

As quickly as BPS was gone, Ikea's Kaarlstad was brought in and assembled. Surprisingly, it wasn’t that difficult and didn’t take all that long. With a bit of furniture rearrangement the basement looks like a totally new place.

Special Note: I wanted to include this post as a kind of memorial for the black pleather sectional. 
So…rest in piece BPS….wherever you are…. Jeff misses you!

What about you? Any pieces of furniture that you were happy to toss out?
If so, please comment and include pictures!

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