Meet reFind: Megan

This is me:

Born and raised in the Minneapolis area. I went down to Iowa State for college. That is where Annie and I met. 

That is also where I met my husband Nate:

While me met my freshman year in college, he did not go to Iowa State - he went to the University of Iowa. Nate and Annie were actually friends in high school. 

Nate and I bought our first house in August of 2007, and he proposed the night that we moved into our house. On December 6, 2008 we got married. Yep - today is our 2 year wedding anniversary. (Happy Anniversary Honey!!)

I have a great family, which Nate fits right into. My sister and brother in law had their first child this year - and we definitely spoil her.

And the two cutest cats in the world (well at least I think so)

I have loved designing and decorating since I can remember. As a little girl, about 4 times a year I would move everything out of my bedroom so I could re-arrange my room to be 'new and fresh'.  My love of DIY started a few years ago. Both Nate and I love to take on projects, for our house, for each other, or as gifts for other people (especially our niece).

For me, reFind is a way to keep doing what I love (even when our house my be full). I love to put a little sweat and elbow grease into something and see if come out looking fresh and new. 

I really hope that you enjoy reading reFind! We sure enjoy doing it. 

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