Lesson Learned:

 Spray paint freezes.

And I am not talking, you leave the can in your garage for a few cold days. I am talking about you spray the warm can of pain, put the spray paint can down to inspect your furniture, and look at your furniture and notice that it is crackling. A lot. As in the paint is freezing before it can dry.

Remember this piece?  Well it was going to be for sale. It was looking really great, perfect almost, until it came time for the last coat of white paint.  That is when the freezing took place.

 And, I couldn't put the reFind name on something that wasn't perfect. Luckily, it fit in our house. I can deal with the imperfections, and notice all the pictures are from far away - it hides it.

So, if you are interested in this piece, please let m know. I will do my best to find the same one and paint it. (Where it will not freeze).  Or come warmer temps {like 5 more months being in Minnesota} I can fix it up for you.

Regardless - remember, Spray paint freezes :(

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Emily said...

Hi, I just stumbled onto your blog and LOVE your stuff. I might be interested in this TV stand. Can you please provide the measurements? (sorry if they're listed somewhere and I missed them). Also, love the white chair with the fun print on the seat. Is that piece still available?