Inspiration from Across the Pond

Hopefully you haven't noticed my absence, but I have been gone for the past week or so in......England!

My sister lives across the pond, along with my brother-in-law and my 14 month old nephew. We had never made trip over, despite the fact that they have been there nearly a decade, so we decided it was finally time to journey over.

During our trip over I had the pleasure of checking out some really great home decor stores! First up is.....

My sister and I popped in this store while winding through the streets of Norwich. You can check out their website above. Here are a couple of items that I want....and tried to figure out a way to take home in my suitcase.

Normann Copenhagen | Norm 69 light shade

The Normann Copenhagen for about $110

Innermost | Jeeves
My sister liked this one. The Jeeves for $180

Ferm Living | Ribbed

Love this wallpaper from Ferm Living. Ribbed for $90.

Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of some of the custom items that they had. 
Their upstairs gallery was chock full of refurbished furniture...loved it!

The next store we dropped in on was....

I am obsessed with this store. Click the above link to see why. And see some of the items I managed to shove into my carry-on (not really).

AMBRA Cushion

Ambra Cushion for $50 bucks. 


Tam Tam Stool $23


KILO Occasional table

I want 10 of these! Kilo for $37

This one I managed to take home with me for $25. I cannot wait to have it hanging in our home!

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