Christmas Consultation - The Tree

I love to reFind items, but I never claimed to be the holiday decorator. So, after my total halloween fail (here) I decided that I was going to up the holiday spirit for Christmas. I knew exactly who to contact to get my home in order for the holiday season....Megan. She is obsessed (and that is putting it lightly).

There were quite a few things that needed improvement. But we needed to start from the ground up, so we started with....The Tree. Our Charlie Brown tree just wasn't going to cut it this year. It's been kind to us over the years, but with a renewed commitment to decorating for the holidays I knew our sparce tree was going to need an overhaul.

I wasn't able to toss out our Charlie Brown tree this year....I was feeling guilty. So, I thought some brand new baubbles and ribbon might do the trick. I met my tree consultant (Megan) at Home Goods and Michaels over our lunch hour and she picked out helped me pick out some cute stuff.

Here is the sad BEFORE:

And here is the improved AFTER!

I know....it's no Martha Steward tree, but it's a hellavah lot better than it was last year. 
And yes, I have only one gift bought so far....I'm a bit behind :)

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