This is How we do it.....

......this is how we do it (tell me you are singing this fabulous song right now - I know I am!)

Alright, now back to the actual topic. How do we reFind Minnesota style?  Late spring, summer and early fall are easy. Head to the studio (a.k.a. garage) and start working. Late Fall and Winter is when it starts to get more complicated. 

These are the current cast of characters required to keep us going when the wind is blowing and the leaves are falling.

The Crap Jeans

Wool Socks

The Crap Shoes



Hanky (it works way better for a runny nose than a box of kleenex)

Old Sweatshirt

and wait for it....

Second Old Sweatshirt!

Here we are modeling our reFind attire...lovely, right? ;)

We are already brainstorming what we will need to wear in the middle of January. Insulated Overalls?

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