Kitchen Counter Tops

After getting wonderful new striped flooring in my kitchen:

Now my counter tops need work. They fit before in the less than cool kitchen, but not now. Sorry - the below picture is of us cooking - but you can see the counter top. 

I know - I suffer from the 'If you give a mouse a cookie complex' I always say "I only need this and then the room will be done" or "This is the last big project we need to do for a while. 

When will I learn.... More importantly - when will my husband learn - because I do not want that day to come :)

So - New counter tops are not cheap. I have looked all over, and of course I love the most expensive types.  I love colored glass counter tops, and the really expensive butcher block, etc.  But I really would like to do this on the cheap.  So last week I discovered this:

It comes in tons of colors:

and it looks pretty good...

I know that it is not perfect, and that it is still laminate underneath it all - but if I am considering replacing my counter tops soon, why not spend $20 to get ones that I like in the meantime?!

But I could use your help! Have any of you ever used this product?... I have read some great reviews, but it still makes me a little nervous. Let me know

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