Decorating a Christmas Tree

We broke our rule - and put up our Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving :)
Saturday was a cold day here in Minnesota, so what better thing to do than clean the house and break out the decorations.

I figured I would give a step by step of decorating a Christmas tree.

Step 1: Find someone else to do the hard work :)  Yes, last year we caved and bought a fake tree. I grew up with real trees, and was soooo against it. But with 2 cats who like to play in the water of real trees, and ruin our hardwood floor (true story) I figured it is best to go fake. 

Step 2: Put on the lights. Since our tree comes with the lights, is step is easy, but it is replaced with 'fluffing' the tree.

Step 3: Put your biggest ornaments on first.  These can be used to cover up an holes in the branches in your tree.  

 Step 4: Start adding your medium size ornaments.  Remember to take a step back every so often to make sure you are not too heavy in an area, and too light in another.  

Step 5: Remember to look at all sides of the tree that will be visible.  This is the side of the tree we will see when coming out of the dining room, so I don't want to forget this side. 

Step 6: Next add your small ornaments.  For me, these are all the balls, since they don't take up much space. I also have some glitter snow flakes to add. 

Step 7: Take a step back and enjoy! 

The tree hasn't had her lights on at night yet - we will save that for after Thanksgiving.

What do you think? Do you have any other tree decorating tips?

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