Accessory Overload

Shopping your own home. 

This is a great approach to re-decorating, especially if you are trying to do so on a tight budget. 

I helped my sister refresh her home (in addition to some other big projects that you will read about in the coming weeks) and one of the things we did was reAccessorize. Before I arrived, my sister gathered every last accessory she owned and placed them on two tables. 

Here are some pics of what we had to work with.

It was great to have everything in once place, because I could.....

1) Start with a clean slate
2) See everything we had to work with in one look
3) See what we could do without

We bought a can or two of spray paint to spruce up at item here or a frame there, just to keep the look coordinated.  Then we started placing the items in our clean canvas of a room.  

We wanted a balanced, symmetrical look. So, we started by placing one item at a time. This allowed us to see how the item changed the landscape of the room. We were able to move and switch each item until we found just the right spot.   This also allowed us to see where we had open space. Did we have something that could fill that spot? Or did we need to purchase something? Maybe we had something that would fit, if it were painted. 

When all was said-and-done, my sister got an entirely new & fresh vibe in her living for around twenty bucks....not bad...not bad at all!

If you do this, I highly recommend having a friend, sibling or parent help out. Let them place things without your input first. You know where your stuff "goes", but they don't.  You will be amazed how different your room can be with some fresh perspective!

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