Wallpaper as Ceiling Art

Jeff and I just returned home from a visit to Austin, TX where we went to the Austin City Limits Music Festival. We had the pleasure of staying at our friend Kim’s parent’s home while we were there. Their home was absolutely beautiful. From custom painted cabinets, to warm, grooved mesquite wood floors, every detail was lovely. And the views from the deck were breathtaking!
One of my favorite details was the ceiling of the Dining Room. Here is a quick pic of the dining area.

Now take a closer look at the ceiling.....

The ceiling looks like those wonderful tin ceilings tiles that you find in buildings from the turn of the century.....but it’s not! The ceiling is wallpaper, painted with metallic paint. Brilliant idea and so gorgeous!  
I am currently looking at all the ceilings in our home, trying to determine which one needs some wallpaper :)
p.s. Thanks again,  Susan and Cam (and Kim) for hosting us while in Austin. We had such a great time, due in most part to your hospitality!  

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Kim McMartin said...

My mom's ceiling made the blog! I just sent her the link today. I'll have to tell her!