Man Cave

Nate and I had a weird area in our basement. It is a 10x9 area with a small window - and one side opens into the main family room.  And we had no idea what to do with it.

First it empty, then it was the island of mismatched furniture (get it - island of misfit toys - Rudolph anyone?)

 And when for our wedding our groomsmen got us this cool bar sign, we knew that it had to become a bar area/man cave:

Here is the sign hanging in what now is the bar area.

But it took a while before it became the bar area. First we had to design the bar - and it needed to host our collection of beer glasses, our mini fridge, and the growing bottles of alcohol.

 So the cutting and assembling began:

Oh, and one thing I forgot to say - we did this work in January - and remember we live in Minnesota - so we weren't doing this outside.  Lets just say that our basement looked something like this for a good week.

The sound of power tools don't even effect our cats!

Finally - they are starting to look like cabinets!

 And the finished bar!!!

It was a lot of work - but I love how it turned out!  The bar has changed a little - I will post some final pictures soon. What do you think...?

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PaperDollMN said...

My whole basement could be classified as a "weird area." This is great, and very inspiring. Thanks for sharing!