Kitchen Floor

When we moved in,to our house three years ago - one of the first projects I wanted to tackle was our kitchen floor. I HATED the floors. They were peel and stick tiles, that had been riped up (way bottom right) burned, and even replaced by slightly different color tiles (right side, in front of the stove)
This is where there are burn marks - must have had a grease fire!
And the floors are what you see when you walk in the front door - see image below - GROSS!
So we finally decided to do something about it.  We shopped around forever, literally we have been looking for new floors since we moved into the house over 3 years ago! Well, we finally settled on cork. I absolutely love the look of cork. But I also wanted to do something a little different, to put my touch on the flooring.  So we went with stripes!
Above are the 2 colors that we went with.  The lighter one is close to our hardwood floors and our cabinets and the darker one just looks really rich.  Now here is the sight you see when you walk in the front door.
SO MUCH BETTER!  And just because I love my new floors, here are a few more pics:
You like?


sarah said...

um, love those floors! would you mind sharing the products you used?

reFind said...

Sarah - I actually just went to a local flooring store - and bought the cork from them. I also had them install it - since I didn't want to bother with moving the fridge and stove. I know that almost all flooring stores are getting cork planks in now, as they are becoming more popular.
Good luck!