Bedroom Overhaul

When Jeff and I purchased our house we knew that we would eventually want to update our bedroom.  While we love with the size of our room, we weren't as fond of the knotty pine (I know...I know....some people love it...but it wasn't for us).

Here is a good shot of the knotty pine for your enjoyment.

I suggested painting the room to Jeff, but he wasn't sold on the idea. So instead, I tried to brighten up the room with bedding & accessories. That was short lived though, because with our existing bedroom furniture....it just wasn't working.  I was finally able to convince Jeff that the knotty pine would look great painted. 

And then I threw in some additional updates :).

First we started painting. 
We coated the walls with two coats of Kilz.
Two coats would ensure the knots wouldn't bleed through. 
Watch out...this stuff is stinky!

Then we painted over the Kilz with what we thought was a nice light gray color. Turns out that our lighting made it look more blue than gray. 

Here is the blue for you.

 So it was back to the paint store for another version of light gray. 
Here is the final gray we found. 
It may not look like a big difference in these pics, 
but trust me the difference was huge.

Finally, we pulled up the carpet and put in new Tundra ikea floors....

We decided to keep this little built-in bookshelf as knotty pine. I added a bit of hand-painted artwork to tie-in with the other purchased wall art near the bed. I think it gives the room some character.

We finished off the renovation with some new bedding, nighstands, lamps and wall art. Just to remind you, here is the before....ugh!

And here is the after!

Sorry about the picture quality. I took some of the pics at night.

I can't believe we did everything ourselves (with the help of some good friends). This room has become one of my favorite places in the house. It feels so serene and airy now. A great place to tuck into bed on these oh-so-wonderfully-cool fall evenings!


C'est Magnifique said...

Wow, it looks great! I love the gray color you chose, I want to paint my bathroom gray. I'm glad you were able to convince him that the knotty pine should be painted!!


Jena @ Involving Color said...

This turned out great! I love the floors and the wall color. I can totally relate to how hard it is to get the right color! I just came across your blog through Remodelaholic. I'm your newest follower!

KMorris said...

What color gray is it? Love it!! Did you sand the knotty pine before painting? I'm interested in getting rid of my knotty pine walls!!

Tammara said...

How is the paint colour holding on the knotty pine? It's been a few years since you painted the pine and wondering if you experienced cracking or any other problems. I have a 12x24 room, it's tongue and groove knotty pine paneling on all of the walls & ceiling. I have always wanted to either paint or remove them. However, was concerned that over time the paint would crack or something that make me regret the decision of painting. Thanks,