Bamboo Rambo For Sale!

Remember this post from earlier this week? This reFind update is complete and this mirror up for sale! 

This is what we started with:

Here is the mid-point.

And here is what we ended up with. 
Not sure why we named it Bamboo Rambo, but we think it fits.

Here is the detail up-close-and-personal.  
You can see some of the texture in the second picture.

You can take this home with you for $40. 
Contact us at reFindMN@gmail.com. 

Here are the specs! Faux bamboo, not sure what it is made of, it's durable though and quite heavy. The mirror is solid, no cracks or blemishes...no bad luck here! The backing is sturdy and there is a wire for hanging. Height is 31.5 inches, Width is 25 inches.

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