Bamboo Mirror

A well placed mirror can do wonders for your space. Not only does it provide a spot to check that you don't have paint all over your face before leaving the house (this has happened to both me and Megan), but it can really open up a narrow room. Check out the picture below of the giant mirror in our living room. 

The room is really narrow, but this big guy makes it feel a lot bigger than it actually is. With all that said....we thought we needed to tackle our first mirror project. 

Bamboo is everywhere these days.
Here is a bamboo mirror for $830.00. So pretty, but $830?
Ugh....I feel ill just thinking about spending that much...

What about one of these for $350?
Again...so pretty....but a little too much to spend on a mirror for me?

We decided to do our own take on the bamboo mirror, but at a much better price. With some major searching we were able to score this amazing mirror online.

We liked the gold, but it looked a bit tired and worn down in spots. In addition, there was a black splatter paint application. It was subtle, but it just wasn't doing it for us. We updated the mirror with a fresh coat of rich gold spray paint. Yes....we used Montana Cans :).

The Montana spray paint looks amazing. The gold has such a nice finish, it definitely feels rich. It almost looks like it is gold leaf. Sometimes a simple fresh coat of paint is all you really need.  I cannot wait to show you the finished product. This mirror is going to look amazing in someones entryway, in their bedroom, or even a walk-in closet....let's be honest, this mirror would look good anywhere!

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